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Elio & Linda

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Mynta the Fjordhorse [Sep. 20th, 2012|11:56 am]
Elio & Linda
So far, the new semester has gone well. It was off to a really good start on lovely Barka (alas, she's now resting, having strained herself coming off the summer grazing with a bit much extra weight), and then I had some great dressage lesson on Nelson and Blacky and a very good round of jumping on Nelson. He's really become very co-operative and fun to ride.

Which brings me to my last lesson, on Mynta the Fjordhorse. She is very much a Fjordhorse and a mare, which means she isn't terribly interested in co-operating with anyone. In particular, she tends to try and avoid any and all work by just steaming on like a little locomotive. With a short, square neck, she ends up putting a lot of strain on my arms if I end up in a tug-of-war with her. And, of course, a tug-of-war with a horse is a pretty pointless activity.

When I've ridden her in the past, for various instructors, I've had different suggestions. Some want her packaged together, to get her to accept that she can't just go at her own speed. Some have suggested lots of circling and over-bending to try and get through to her incredibly stiff right side and her somewhat less stiff left side.

None of this has really worked well for me so far. She clearly gets stressed if you ask too much, which isn't strange given that physically speaking, she must choke herself a bit if she brings her head in. So, trying to pack her together isn't going to work, except possibly at a walk, where she does wait and listen a bit more.

But there's also the just plain stubborn side of her to consider. She is a Fjordhorse and she is a mare. That's a combination that leads to a pretty darn independent horse. So far, I am not getting through to her with either polite requests or firm demands, so the lessons do end up being rather more confrontational than I like. I don't mind a stubborn pony that cleverly tries to get out of work in all sorts of ways, that's just stimulating, but "run-run-run" gets tedious.

[User Picture]From: regina_of_york
2012-09-20 01:41 pm (UTC)
Am I right in thinking those are the small, dun colored horses, with the two tone mane? They often clip the mane to show off the difference between the dark hair down the middle and the light hair to either side?

If I am thinking of the right ones, I have only seen a few. But those I have were used in harness for pulling carts or sleighs, not riding. I wonder if Mynta would prefer that, they way you describe her!
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[User Picture]From: hippoiathanatoi
2012-09-20 01:45 pm (UTC)
Yeah, that's them. :)

The do get used for pulling a lot as well, but they're common for riding here too. It might be more her thing, though she does like jumping.
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